Thank You!!!

We finished 3rd and will be going to Los Angeles, California for this expo which is September 6th & 7th.

We were invited earlier this summer thru this contest to take part of the expo. It will be a great opportunity to launch NoDak Coolers in a big way.
Thank you for everyone's support and votes!!


NoDak Coolers Would Love Your Support and Vote!

The Top 20 companies get into this expo and the Top 5 get to pitch to some big name investors!!


We are currently in the top 5!! Please help us stay at the top!!


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Starting the molding process!

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What can you do with your old coolers?

We've got some ideas...

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Amazing the problems people have with food getting wet in a traditional cooler. On the internet there is links telling you how to pack a cooler to TRY to keep food from getting wet and soggy. Buy a NoDak Cooler, problem solved. Coming soon.




We have worked on our prototypes this winter in our shop. We are lined up for trade shows from now into the summer. Still working with the designer on drawings. Each time drawings are done we then talk to the mold company and the manufacturer to make sure it all works with them. Coming soon to store shelves.Cooler # 2 Cooler # 1 Nodak-demo

Watch our new video!

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The crew for Sportsman Expo in Bismarck. People are loving the cooler.

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Come out and see us today at The North Dakota Sportsman's Expo!!


We made the front page!