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What's So Amazing About NoDak Coolers?

Discover the superior cooler brought to you from Dickinson, ND

Imagine you're relaxing on the beach with your family and friends. You're enjoying ice-cold beverages from the cooler and you're lazing the day away. After a few hours, you start to feel hungry.

But when you open your cooler to enjoy your sandwiches, you have the unhappy realization that a million beach-goers, campers and cookout lovers have had before you: Your food is soaking wet!

What a disappointment! Is there anything worse than a soggy sandwich? If only there was a way to keep that from happening...

Guess what? Now there is!

Introducing NoDak Coolers, the revolutionary product line for those who want to keep their food both fresh and dry.

Using a patented, multi-chamber technology, NoDak Coolers enable you to store your food separate from melting ice. Developed independently in Dickinson, North Dakota, NoDak Coolers are set to revolutionize the way people enjoy food and beverages in the great outdoors.

It's all in the design

The ingenious design of NoDak Coolers is what makes them so unique and effective. Built out of rugged, high-quality materials, each cooler:

  • Features a patented cylinder that protects food and keeps it dry
  • Preserves ice so it can be used as fresh drinking water
  • Includes a separate spot for bottles and cans
  • Can be ordered with colorful murals or personalized designs

Let NoDak Coolers of Dickinson, ND show you a chiller way to keep your food and drinks cold. Place an order today!

Our New Prototypes are in!

We're One Step Closer to Nodak Coolers: The True Food & Beverage cooler to be found in stores near you!

Wholesale Coolers Dickinson, ND
Coolers for Sale Dickinson, ND
Coolers Dickinson, ND