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Everything that we have and use today began with an idea, and was made a reality by someone pursuing that idea and seeing it through. They had the drive, determination and the patience to make life a little better for each one of us. I have always wanted to be one of these few people who change the world in their own little way.

I grew up in a family business in North Dakota. In 1988 I began my first venture, and then had other businesses as time went on. My dad was the type of man who seemed to be able to fix anything and do everything. He could wear a suit and tie, or put on jeans and jump on a tractor; I am proudly following in his footsteps. I have always had an innovative mind, obvious by my desire to tweak products that I purchase in order to make them better.

Most of my adult life I have aspired to come up with a product that could make people’s day-to-day lives a little easier. Since I was a kid, we used coolers for all of our outdoor activities. I have never understood why we all put food in a cooler just for it to be ruined when the ice melts.

Coolers today aren’t really designed to have food in them, only beverages. I remember thinking, “when are the cooler companies going to come up with a solution?” They never did, so I took the initiative. In 2005, I decided to fix the cooler and came up with an idea to be able to keep food cold and dry without it being ruined when the ice melts.

With this concept of the cooler, I chased a dream. In 2010 I started the process that began with a patent, and have since come a long way to get where I am today. We have made several prototypes over the years in my shop and use them daily. It is amazing how well they work by keeping your food cold and dry, without worrying about the food being ruined as the day passes and the ice melts. The food cylinder is removable from a dry, cold sleeve that sits in the ice.

Essentially, the chamber for the food acts like a refrigerator. We feel that NoDak Coolers are going to be around for a long time. We hope that you will enjoy the NoDak Cooler, and make it a part of every adventure.

-Gordy Christensen
Founder & Dreamer of NoDak Coolers

NoDak Coolers Owner Gordy