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Starting the molding process!

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What can you do with your old coolers?

We’ve got some ideas…

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Amazing the problems people have with food getting wet in a traditional cooler. On the internet there is links telling you how to pack a cooler to TRY to keep food from getting wet and soggy. Buy a NoDak Cooler, problem solved. Coming soon.




We have worked on our prototypes this winter in our shop. We are lined up for trade shows from now into the summer. Still working with the designer on drawings. Each time drawings are done we then talk to the mold company and the manufacturer to make sure it all works with them. Coming soon to store shelves.Cooler # 2 Cooler # 1 Nodak-demo

Watch our new video!

The crew for Sportsman Expo in Bismarck. People are loving the cooler.

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Come out and see us today at The North Dakota Sportsman’s Expo!!




We made the front page!


We are getting closer to getting something accomplished. This is the design for the first cooler. This will keep food cold and dry. Food cylinder will have adjustable shelves. New for any cooler is hooks built in the cooler to be able to tie it down so it doesn’t move around. Soon will be video. Thank you everyone.nodak nodak2 Nodak6 Nodak7


I have a patent on this new cooler. How it works is a cylinder where food goes in slides in a dry cold chamber which is surrounded by ice and or water. Cold air passes thru into the dry cold chamber where the food cylinder is, allowing your food to stay dry and cold. No more soggy wet sandwiches or food. Nothing on the market like it. We reinvented the cooler.patent