3 Great Things About NoDak Coolers

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Why wait? Order one today!

Why wait? Order one today!

Boasting simple design solutions and revolutionary features, NoDak Coolers of Dickinson, ND are sure to become the buzz of barbecues nationwide. Why not experience the difference for yourself?

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  1. Revolutionary design. NoDak Coolers are ingeniously designed to allow food and ice to exist harmoniously in the same chamber, without the ice crushing and saturating the food. The result is a far better experience at your next cookout, tailgate party or camping trip.
  2. High-quality materials. NoDak Coolers may boast a superior design, but will they hold up? Absolutely! Every cooler is comprised of high-quality, heavy-duty materials. These things are built to last!
  3. Colorful design. The old days of boring, monotone blue coolers are over. NoDak Coolers feature bright, colorful murals. They can even be customized with your company’s logo!

Check Out our New Prototypes! The True Food & Beverage Cooler to be found in stores near you

The NoDak Cooler features a patented cylinder that protects food while keeping it cold and dry. The area outside the cylinder preserves ice so it can be used as fresh drinking water. There is also a separate compartment for bottles and cans that protects your food from being crushed.